Behind The Scenes At Acoolda - Why We Have A Culture Wall
July 06, 2022
Acoolda is a company that has been around for about ten years. We specialize in producing high quality custom delivery bag, with a focus on food delivery bag, cooler bag, pizza delivery bag and picnic bag.

We've brought you some amazing products so far, from handbag and food delivery bag to takeaway platform and online grocery. But today I'm going to show you something different: The Acoolda Culture Wall.

In this video, I'm going to explain a concept that I believe is the most important thing about Acoolda. It's something that we've built into our company over the last ten years, but it's so invisible you might never see it- until now.

@acooldabags In this video, I'm going to explain a concept that I believe is the most important thing about Acoolda. #culturewall #fooddeliveryfactory #oemsupplier ♬ original sound - Acoolda Bags

I'm talking about culture. Specifically, the culture of our company.

We have an amazing culture at Acoolda. We have a culture that supports creativity and innovation, which is why we're able to bring you things like the Acoolda Culture Wall. But what exactly does that mean?

Culture is one of those words that's thrown around so much these days, it can be hard to know what it really means. You might hear people using phrases like "workplace culture" or "company culture," but what do they really mean?

It means that our employees are passionate about what they do and want to share their knowledge with everyone else in the company. It means that we are constantly striving to be better, more innovative and more creative with everything we do. It means that our employees know that they can grow within our company, because we want them to be successful- not just financially, but personally as well.

The culture of our company is something that has been built over time through many different events and activities. The first time I noticed it was when one of my employees won an award for being the best salesman in his region. We all celebrated together when he came back from winning this award, even though none of us had anything directly to do with it (except maybe buying a few desks from him). This wasn't just an "oh cool" moment though; it was something much deeper than that.

It showed me how much pride these people take in their work and how much they want others around them to succeed too! That's what makes them such great

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