Grocery Shopping: How To Save Money On Delivery Fees
September 01, 2022
According to Mercatus Tech and Brick Meets, As grocery prices remain high, shoppers are increasingly averse to paying the extra fees for delivery services.

The report found that only about 25% of customers are willing to pay for grocery delivery services, but that number is expected to rise as more shoppers become accustomed to paying for the service.

But it's not just about money. The study also found that consumers want greater control over what they buy and how much time they spend on trips to their local store.

"The demand for home delivery is there," said Mercatus co-founder and CEO Ashwini Rao.

If you're a grocery store looking to offer your customers delivery services, it looks like shoppers will pay for them—but only if the delivery services fulfill many of their wants. From greater control over their orders to greater convenience at home, you have to fight for customers' loyalty.

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