How to Test the Tensile Strength of Delivery Bag?
November 15, 2022

For many of our customer, the food delivery bag is where it starts. It's the first thing in contact with their hands as they open the food delivery bag.

It's where they keep their belongings during the delivery ride and even after they collect their takeaway. As one of the first points of contact, the quality and seam strength of this bag is paramount to the impression it leaves.

How to make the tensile force test for food delivery bag?

1: We send randomly selected sample of the product to our laboratory, to check the quality and seam strength of bags, After pre-treatment (24 hours at 22-28 degrees Celsius).

We will conduct professional tests on the product according to international and industry standards.

2: We will choose the weakest or most easily broken parts of the product for testing, Use professional tensile force pliers to fix the back shoulder strap, then connect.

3: Keep the Tension meter and back shoulder strap, in the same horizontal line. The shoulder strap will withstand pressure from 0 to 20kg, in 5 seconds.

During the test process, It will maintain the 20KG pull force for 60 seconds.

4: And the tester keep en eye on it, Check If there are abnormal conditions on the test position.

Such as loosing stitch, broken seam and torn off fabric.

Why does tensile force test need?

1.The tensile strength test can determine whether or not there are defects in the production process or during transportation.

2.The tensile strength test can provide technical support for customers who want to improve their products.

3.The tensile force test can help us understand what factors affect product quality and how to improve them.

Acoolda bags are made with the highest quality material, so they are durable and can withstand a 20kg tensile test. In addition, our bags come with a zipper that is double-sealed to prevent any leaks. This ensures that your food will not get ruined by water or moisture.

Acoolda bags also come in different sizes to accommodate your needs! We offer many sizes ranging from small lunch bags to food delivery bags. 

Each bag has been carefully designed with an eye for detail so that you can enjoy using them for years to come.

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