Simon Teams With Kitchen United; Subway Announces Digital-Only Menu
February 07, 2022
Ghost kitchen company Kitchen United partners with real estate investment trust Simon, and Subway attempts to step up its digital performance. Plus, New York City business leaders aim to regulate ultrafast grocery delivery services.

Ghost Kitchen Model Adapts for Physical Spaces With Multi-Brand Mall Location

The digital ordering boom of the last couple years has changed how managers think about their physical restaurant spaces. Now, some are taking a ghost kitchen-informed approach to consumer-facing locations. For instance, real estate investment trust Simon has announced “Grab Go Eat,” an in-mall, off-premise-centric, multi-brand location created in partnership with ghost kitchen company Kitchen United.

Restaurant Roundup: Subway Aims to Revitalize Digital Platforms

Subway announces a digital-only menu; an ordering platform raises $50 million; and restaurants unveil off-premise-centric formats.

NYC Wrestles With Quick Commerce Firms

Last year saw an explosion of quick commerce businesses in New York City, startups promising to deliver online groceries to customers in as little as 20 minutes. Now, business leaders and government officials worry these startups could begin to push out New York’s bodegas and corner stores, and they are using zoning regulations to keep the growth of these companies in check.

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