Why Sarpino's May Open 100 Restaurants
August 26, 2022

It's a tough time to be a pizza franchise in the fast casual space. With so many options out there, it can be hard to stand out.

That's why Sarpino's Pizzeria knows that variety is the key to attracting new franchisees and keeping current ones invested. While many brands stick to a small menu, Sarpino's has more than 60 specialty and gourmet pizzas on its roster—and that's not even counting the 12 pastas, five bone-in wing flavors, and 11 salads they also offer!

They have more than 20 calzones and sandwiches each (not to mention 13 appetizers), all of which are available at every location. And don't forget: All these selections aren't available at every restaurant—but the variety is still unmatched by most in the quick-service pizza segment.

Sarpino's also takes their commitment to quality seriously: Their ingredients are all fresh and made from scratch daily, with no artificial preservatives or additives used anywhere in their kitchens. That means you get a great-tasting meal every time you visit one of their locations!

Overall, I think Sarpino’s has a lot of great things going for it. The management team is dedicated to providing a memorable dining experience and takes consumer input seriously in order to improve operations.

I also like the concept of designing a more efficient labor model to handle staffing needs and the decision to focus on high-density urban locations makes sense from an economic perspective.

My one concern is the rapid pace at which new locations are being added without considering prime growth areas to avoid oversaturation and undermine the chain’s entry-level operating costs.

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