Halloween: Why We Love It, And Why It's Important
October 26, 2022

Maybe every festival has someone waiting.

Maybe this person is a fireman, and his face was burned in a fire. Maybe he's afraid to scare people, and so he waits all year for this day to go out. 

Maybe the long-awaited dressing up, the smile on his face when he gives candy to children, eating snacks that never eaten before…

Maybe it's too much for him. Maybe it's too much for us all.

But maybe we can help him enjoy the festival by giving him a hug or complimenting his makeup or telling him how realistic it looks (because it does).

Maybe we can make sure he knows that no matter how different he feels from everyone else at the festival-Or any other time of year—he's still welcome here, because we love what makes him different and special.

Happy Halloween!

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