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Custom Food Delivery Gear - Make It Uniquely Yours!

At DeliverKingdom, we offer full customization and OEM/ODM services to create personalized food delivery gear. Our experienced team can help you design and manufacture customized products tailored to your brand and needs. Bring your vision to life by customizing your food delivery bags, backpacks, motorcycle bags, pizza bags, cooler bags and more. Choose your ideal size, materials, colors and prints. We can even add your company's logo or graphic designs.

Whether you need 10 pieces or 10,000, we deliver high quality gear made just for you. Our full service process makes it easy to put your unique stamp on reliable food delivery equipment. Ride in style and safety with customized motorcycle helmets and suits. Promote your brand on food delivery bikes and accessories. Our OEM/ODM services allow maximum flexibility so you can build the perfect food delivery kit. Work directly with our team to create one-of-a-kind food delivery gear for your business. Bring us your ideas and we'll make them a reality!

We've received your OEM concept.
- Feel free to share sample images or your creative vision. If possible, providing actual samples or 3D drawings would be optimal.

Thorough Design Assessment
- Our sales team will meticulously review all the particulars and finalize the design. Simultaneously, we'll assess the most competitive prices based on factors like materials, dimensions, colors, and quantities.

Creating 3D Models
- Our Design and Research team will craft 3D printing drafts tailored to your specific requirements.

Mold Construction and Prototype Generation
- Drawing from the design, we'll proceed to construct molds for the products, paving the way for sample production.

Sample Submission for Approval
- Once completed, we'll send you samples for your approval and verification.

Efficient Mass Production and Rigorous Quality Oversight
- Mass production will commence, adhering to stringent quality controls to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Preliminary Small Batch Production
- A preliminary small-scale production run will be executed to validate the production process.

Product Testing
- Under the umbrella of our quality management framework, comprehensive testing procedures will be executed on the products.

Seamless Shipment
- Prior to shipping, we'll carefully package the goods and conduct a final check to guarantee compliance with your requirements.

- We meticulously conduct a comprehensive battery of tests, encompassing tension, aging, salt spray, and color fastness assessments. This rigorous testing regimen stands as a testament to our commitment to upholding the quality of our thermal insulated bags.
- Furthermore, we steadfastly adhere to the principle of completing all tests with unwavering thoroughness prior to the shipment of our products.

Dedicated Workforce
- Our workforce comprises over 400 adept production line workers, bolstered by an additional 100 professionals in design, operations, and sales roles.

State-of-the-Art Facility
- Our expansive production facility encompasses an impressive 6000 square meters, equipped to accommodate substantial output requirements.

Seasoned Research and Development
- Years of focused research and development within the handbag production domain have culminated in the creation of numerous styles tailored for diverse occasions.

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Leave A Message
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