The Second A.C.T & C·BOX Sports Meeting has come to a successful conclusion
December 13, 2021
In the winter months, the second A.C.T & C·BOX sports meeting was held on December 11th to promote the combination of work and rest, promote communication among colleagues, and enhance team cohesion.

The sports meeting has a total of basketball, king of luckyball, table tennis, badminton, 100-meter dash, standing long jump, tug-of-war, and 12 other events. During the games, each department is well organized, all the referee fair of board cutting, all the athletes solidarity, bravery, colleagues have a positive interaction, which produces 13 individual and team titles, all participate in workers to harvest the precious friendship, harvest more in moving and struggle to gather power.

In the opening ceremony, the host C·BOX kicked off the games with a well-timed step, while ACT showed its energetic spirit with an exuberant dance.

On the court, the athletes constantly show fast running, beautiful steals, accurate three points, perfect passing, the competition is fierce and hot, the high-level duel won bursts of applause.

Block, smash, spin, curve... The audience held their breath, their eyes closely following a small ping-pong ball back and forth.

In the competition, the players calmly observe, dexterous scheduling, fierce attack, sharp slam, all kinds of tactics and playing methods continue. The scenery is very wonderful, the level of the game, the game out of the style, won the audience cheers and applause.

Players give full play to the spirit of sports fighting, light badminton is endowed with the rhythm of youth, the flying arc interpretation of endless struggle, one by one excellent accurate pressure, save again and again to turn the tide so that the atmosphere of the scene is tense and enthusiastic, energetic.

Red track, green grass. At the sound of the starting gun, the stadium erupted. Track and field competition is speed, the fight is endurance. The starting gun sounded, and the athletes, like bullets out of a rifle, rushed irresistibly to the finish line. Some players do not give up even if they fall behind, but still, try their best to sprint spirit moved everyone present.

A whistle sounded, the participants' hands grasp the rope, energy burst, the full strength to pull back, the middle line of the rope between you and me to fight for movement. The audience also shouted and cheered frequently, the figure of struggle into a beautiful scenery line, but also showed everyone to work together, a positive and enterprising spirit.

Sports is a competition of strength, is a contest of wisdom, is a beautiful display. The speed and passion, technology and courage, hard work and tenacity of the athletes in the arena fully demonstrated the level of competitive sports of the company's employees, enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the company's employees, and fully demonstrated the team consciousness, competition consciousness and overall awareness of the participating units.

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