Unveiling DeliverKingdom's Memorable Expedition in Qingyuan and Yingde
August 28, 2023
Tea Tasting at Chaqu Yuan: The Heart of Qingyuan's Brews
Diving deep into Qingyuan, our first stop was the renowned Chaqu Yuan tea workshop. As the secrets of local tea varieties unfurled before DeliverKingdom's team, we gained insights into the meticulous tea-making process. Beyond learning, we savored the region's finest teas, immersing ourselves in the fragrant whirlwind and stories hidden within each leaf.

Iconic Sights: Flowing Tea Pot Landmark at Chaqu Yuan

A Night Under the Stars at Fengyuan Flower Estate

When dusk set in Yingde City, we nestled into the magical aura of Fengyuan Flower Estate. Our evening sprang to life with a scrumptious BBQ session. The crescendo? A heartfelt bonfire sing-along where our voices melded, rising in unison beneath the starlit canopy.

Must-Visit: BBQ Sessions at Fengyuan Flower Estate

Dawn Breaks at Jiulong Ecological Town: Nature's Masterpiece
The radiant morning of our second day unveiled the picturesque ‘Jiulong Ecological Town’. It wasn't just a town; it was nature’s canvas, replete with magnificent landscapes seemingly sketched by cosmic forces. Each stride we took resonated with tales from yesteryears and the charm of pristine nature.

Captivating Views: Landscape Masterpieces of Jiulong Ecological Town

A Thrilling Rendezvous at Yingxi Forest
Our expedition reached its zenith at Yingxi Forest, a gem tucked in Qingyuan City. More than just kayaking, it was the thrill of navigating the waters, the exhilarating splashes, and the spirit of unity that marked this adventure as a soulful journey of bonding.

DeliverKingdom's Top Pick: Adventures at Yingxi Forest

A Culinary Odyssey: The Flavours of North Guangdong
Throughout our escapade, North Guangdong's gastronomic delights remained a persistent indulgence. Signature dishes like fresh bamboo shoots and the famed Qingyuan chicken were more than mere meals; they were a feast for our senses, amplifying our cultural immersion.

DeliverKingdom: A Journey of Rediscovery and Bonding
In reflection, this sojourn was a medley of enriching moments that fortified our bond and magnified our respect for regional traditions. At DeliverKingdom, we uphold the belief that such voyages ignite our fervor and dedication. Our heartfelt gratitude to Qingyuan and Yingde for their unparalleled hospitality. The horizon beckons, and we are poised for many more enriching expeditions.

Keep an Eye on DeliverKingdom: Chronicles of Exploration and Progress. Here's raising a toast to countless adventures awaiting!

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