Wholesale Food Cooler Promotional Thermal Pizza Delivery Bag

Equipped with reflective stripes, this bag prioritizes your employees' safety throughout their journey, rendering it a prime choice for both daytime and nocturnal deliveries. Boasting 1/2" foam insulation on all sides, the bag diligently preserves food at its intended temperature during transit. The interior features an aluminum lining, facilitating effortless cleaning and contributing to sustained food safety. With ample space for condiments, a generous mesh bag enhances the bag's utility. For enhanced carrying convenience, two handle straps are provided, while 2 adjustable buckle straps elegantly secure the bag to scooters or bicycles. Exterior functionality is further augmented by two expandable zipper pockets, providing extra room for napkins or cutlery.
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    ACT 003
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    40000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Wholesale Food Cooler Promotional Thermal Pizza Delivery Bag

The reflective stripes on the bag provide your employees with the safety they deserve during the journey, making this bag an ideal choice for day or night delivery. It has 1/2" foam insulation on all sides of the bag to help keep the food at the proper temperature during transportation. The aluminum lining inside the bag is easy to wipe clean and helps maintain a safe temperature for the food. A large mesh bag can hold the condiments. Two handle straps provide additional carrying options, and 2 adjustable buckle straps wrap around the bottom and sides of the bag for easy connection to a scooter or bicycle. Two extra expandable zipper pockets on the outside increase space for napkins or cutlery.

Commercial delivery bags are sealed with zippers or Velcro to ensure your food safety. When you go to a dining establishment or a customer’s home, the sturdy handles on these bags make it easier to carry pizza, submarines, food trays and take out containers. Use insulated food delivery bags to keep things going smoothly.

Update the bag based on customer feedback.We spent a lot of time and energy drawing conclusions from our customer feedback and reviews on major sales websites, and focused on these problems (zippers, color fastness, internal damage, cracked shoulder straps, velcro strips, etc.). In this regard, we have done research on these issues, and make our products do not have this situation.

Waterproof Zipper
The waterproof zipper is designed to effectively keep rain and moisture out, ensuring that your food remains dry and safe during delivery even in inclement weather.
Insulation Foam
Our bag is equipped with high-quality insulation foam that excels in maintaining the desired temperature of your food. Whether it's hot or cold items, this feature guarantees that your deliveries reach their destination in optimal condition, regardless of the external weather conditions.
Aluminum Foil Layer
The incorporated aluminum foil layer brings multiple benefits. It prevents oxidation and corrosion, reflects sunlight and heat, adding an extra layer of protection to the contents of the bag.
Heavy Stitching
With heavy-duty stitching, our bag boasts superior durability and reinforcement at the seams, effectively minimizing the risk of rips and tears, even during heavy usage.
ID Windows
Featuring a transparent ID window on the exterior, our bag serves as a versatile advertising tool. You can conveniently display menus, coupons, business cards, receipts, and order tickets, enhancing both your branding and order accuracy.
Handles with Reinforcement
Reinforced handles have been integrated to provide a secure and reliable grip during transportation. This ensures that your deliveries are transported without any mishaps.
Hardboard Bottom
The inclusion of a hardboard bottom adds a layer of stability to the bag, preventing it from sagging or losing shape while carrying multiple items. This feature contributes to the overall reliability and integrity of the bag.
Pockets offer valuable additional storage space and facilitate the organization of items within the bag. They are particularly useful for separating hot and cold items, ensuring that their respective temperatures are maintained.

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 food delivery bag
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Rider drink bottle
Rider Jacket

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