As a takeaway merchant, have you noticed these marketing methods?
January 06, 2022
Have you noticed those guys who pass through the streets in the city while everyone preparing for new year? Someone will carefully dress up their” little ones” for every special holiday and event.

Dress up your delivery bags, Add 90% of the turnaround rate

Harmonics Marketing
Actually, the takeaway businesses in China are always good at posting” harmonics stems” to match the food they sell for promotional purposes, which looks fun and unique to the business.

Holiday/Event Marketing
Christmas, New Year's, SAT, ACT, Valentine's Day, and other popular and discussed holiday events have their delivery bags decorated with holiday greetings. In China, some takeaway platforms even award a "bunny ears helmet" to the rider with the most deliveries for the month, effectively giving the takeaway platform a promotional effect.

Warm-hearted catchphrases
To make everyone feel warm in their daily life, some businesses will place warm greetings, blessings, anti-fraud reminders, safety reminders, and so on on the food delivery bags.

In fact, the food delivery bags decoration, which can reflect the platform or business enterprise characteristics, can play a very important role in promotion. However, in addition to the decoration, the practicality of the food delivery bag is also very important. From the perspective of consumers, when the food is delivered to their hands, the temperature and stability of the food is often the thing they care about the most.

As a qualified bag, it is also an important part that the bag of structural stability and insulation in addition to the beauty. I believe that if you choose our Acoolda bags, you won’t have these doubts, because we can provide you with superior quality, strong insulation, fashionable, and beautiful food delivery bags.

To provide the best products and services to our customers, we always follow the principle of "customer first".

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