Only 3 steps | How to install the food delivery bag
January 06, 2022

Perhaps some merchants didn't know how to turn it into a perfect food delivery bag the first time they got the folded bag, but it's very simple, as simple as putting an elephant in the refrigerator.

You only need 3 steps to create a perfect waterproof, sturdy, and thermal insulation bag.

Step 1: Unfold and organize the bag from its folded state.

Step 2: Insert the panels based on the corresponding letters.
We pasted the corresponding letters on the support panel and the inner aluminum foil to make customer installation easier. A to A, B→B is required, which is easy and straightforward.

Step 3: Raise the waterproof zipper.
You have completed the food delivery bag installation steps after completing the simple 3 steps. Of course, if you want to fold it, simply reverse the process.

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