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Delivery Boy Leaves Note, Goody Bag For Girl. Now She Won't Stop Until She Finds Him
January 11, 2022
You must have met, at least once, a food delivery person, who behaved so politely that your mood got
elevated.In such a case, we tip them or thank them for their gesture. Something similar happened when an Uber Eats driver delivered food, along with a few other things, to a girl's house.

Tracey Ramirez, who is a TikToker, ordered food via Uber Eats. The delivery boy left a small note and goodies along with the food when he came for the delivery to her house. This made the TikToker a fan of the delivery boy without seeing him. The girl then made the person famous across the globe to thank him, and he is currently an online sensation.

Tracey Ramirez also created a video for the public utilising the CCTV footage and her TikTok order.

The caption of the video reads: “This sweet Uber Eats delivery guy gave me more than food. He put a tissue paper on the table for me to eat and also brought us a goodie bag which had facemasks and candies".

The order also included a handwritten card and a poem note with the words "Footprints in the Sand" written on it The girl was so delighted with the delivery person's sweet gesture that she began looking for him.

Tracy Ramirez (@traceyhairstyles) had previously requested the delivery boy's contact information from Uber Eats, but she was denied the information due to the company's privacy policy.

The driver's first name, Donald, was all the girl knew. On TikTok, her video has been viewed over 1.2 million times To thank him, the girl has also started a campaign by the name #HelpmeFindhim.

Uber Eats is now being asked to introduce the girl to the delivery person.

In addition, a donation of Rs 1.5 lakh has been collected for him, which will be offered to him as a tip.

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