• January 11, 2022
    You must have met, at least once, a food delivery person, who behaved so politely that your mood got elevated.In such a case, we tip them or thank them for their gesture. Something similar happened when an Uber Eats driver delivered food, along with a few other things, to a girl's house. Tracey Ramirez, who is a TikToker, ordered food via Uber Eats. The delivery boy left a small note and goodies a...
  • January 13, 2022
    Around the world, in the competitive food delivery category, the win condition is shifting. Where in 2020 and 2021, the goal was to capture the largest market share, now the stakes are rising. On a call with analysts Wednesday (Jan. 12) discussing its fourth-quarter 2021 financial results, delivery giant Just Eat Takeaway shared that its goal now is to outperform rivals to the point where they bow...
  • February 09, 2022
    For the second year in a row, Uber Eats is headed to the Super Bowl, this time asking the question: “Just because you can get anything delivered with Uber Eats, does that mean you can Eats it?” The past few years have seen the company invest heavily in expanding its delivery service to offerings beyond just food, including groceries, alcohol, convenience, flowers and retail. “In fact, nearly three...
  • January 10, 2023
    5 Reasons Why Every Delivery Driver Needs a Full Face Helmet
    As a delivery driver, you are constantly on the go, navigating through busy streets and tight spaces to get packages to their destinations safely. While you may feel like you have everything under control, there are always unforeseen circumstances that can put your safety at risk. That's where a full face helmet comes in. Here are 5 reasons why every delivery driver needs a full face helmet: Prote...
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