DoorDash Pressures McDonald’s to Get Orders Right, Faster
February 19, 2022
DoorDash the food ordering and food delivery platform is to start penalizing McDonald’s restaurants for slow service and order mistakes, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

DoorDash Pressures McDonald’s to Get Orders Right

In a bid to ensure that customers know when their orders will be delivered and that they receive their orders on time DoorDash will start penalizing eateries by raising its commission rates. This could mean commission rates jumping as high as 20% per order starting next year.

In addition, McDonald’s restaurants that reach a certain threshold of customer refunds will be required to pay for those refunds themselves. Eateries that are in compliance with delivery time rules, will be charged as low as 11.6% in commission fees.

According to the new measure, higher rates will kick in when drivers have to wait more than four minutes after arriving to pick up an order. According to DoorDash’s policy, delivery is considered late when the amount of time taken to travel to the merchant and/or to the customer exceeds the estimated time, taking into account factors outside of the deliverer’s control including wait time at the merchant.

Looking Towards Faster Deliveries

The latest measure comes at the heels of DoorDash’s bid to improve efficiency cut losses and provide customers with fast reliable deliveries. In December last year, DoorDash announced it is introducing DashMart, a fast grocery deliveries service that promises to deliver groceries within 10-15 minutes starting in New York. With over 2,000 items, DashMart offers a wide assortment of fresh and frozen grocery staples, snacks, household goods, and local products to fulfill customers’ last-minute shopping needs.

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