Restaurant Design: Wendy’s Introduces New Prototype
August 23, 2022

Wendy’s unveiled a prototype Wednesday for its traditional units, which includes a delivery pickup window, mobile order parking spaces, in-store shelving for digital orders and a redesigned kitchen layout. The restaurant design will become the standard build for traditional units across markets in the fall.

Wendy’s plans to open its first Global Next Gen restaurant in Ohio in the spring. The company still has more than 6,000 restaurants open year-round that are not considered traditional units.

The Wendy’s prototype includes:

A new drive-thru lane with three lanes for ordering, two for pickup and one for curbside service. The new lane is designed to accommodate both drive-thru and curbside service simultaneously.

A delivery pickup window that allows customers to pick up their order without leaving their vehicle in inclement weather conditions.

A mobile order parking space with designated signage that allows guests to place orders directly from their car without leaving it parked at the curb. This feature is available at all locations that offer curbside service via mobile ordering through Applebee’s or Grubhub/Seamless.

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