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Ergonomic Analysis of a Pizza Delivery Driver
January 06, 2022

Thermal retention capabilities of some delivery bags are experimentally tested. The three reported insulation materials in this chapter are vacuum panels, 3M thinsulate, and polyurethane foam. The materials were then evaluated in order to determine their thermal retention performance in comparison to the original bag. All insulation materials perform at least as well as the original popular pizza delivery bag. The vacuum panels and polyurethane insulated bags delivered the best thermal retention results. Within 4.01 percent of the experimental work, the theoretical model was validated.

Work Design and Ergonomics is a field that focuses on improving people's performance and safety at work.
The application of ergonomics and human factors methods, techniques, guidelines, and principles to the design, evaluation, and improvement of work tasks, work stations, and equipment to increase performance, productivity, quality, and morale while decreasing injury, fatigue, and waste is defined as industrial ergonomics.
An Industrial Ergonomist's job is to identify potential problems with a job task, evaluate overly stressful tasks, and take time and cost factors into account when improving the job task through work design methods. The overarching goal is to ensure that the job demands do not exceed the capabilities of the worker doing the job.

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