The Production of Food Delivery Bags
January 08, 2022
Let's talk about the process of making a food delivery bag. Vinyl laminated fabric thermal bags are a popular type of food delivery bag. This bag is made of vinyl laminated fabric, and the inner bag is covered with an aluminum foil layer.

Before beginning the bag-making process, the food delivery bag designer will sketch and draft the bag's 2D layout. The designer will create and calculate the thermal bag measurement and dimension. Nowadays, most sketches and layouts are created with computer software such as AutoCad. Obviously, there is a plethora of additional software available that can be used to draw and calculate measurements. The operator will cut the thermal bag layout once it has been drawn.

Following the drawing of the thermal bag layout, the operator will cut the fabric material in accordance with the design layout. The most traditional way to cut the fabric is with a ruler and scissors. However, a clothe jigsaw cutter or layer cutter is recommended. In addition to the fabric, the operator will cut the span and aluminum foil to the specified dimensions.

When all of the pieces are ready, the operator will begin sewing the food delivery bag. This is the most difficult part. A heavy duty clothe sewing machine is used to sew the food delivery bag. The operator will choose the appropriate nail to be installed at the sewing machine. Furthermore, the operator will adjust the thread's tightness.Excessive thread tension will damage the fabric and the aluminum foil layer. The durability and strength of the food delivery bag will be reduced if the threads are too loose.

Three major materials were stacked together and sewed at the same time while sewing the food delivery bag. The vinyl laminated fabric will be the outer layer, the span will remain in the middle layer, and the inner layer will be the aluminum foil layer. After sewing the food delivery bag structure, the operator will cover the joining section with a thick canvas slipover. Finally, the zip and Velcro tap will be sewed to the bag. After the operator has completed the sewing process, the food delivery bag is finished.

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