Cooling Vest: A Kind Of Vest Keep Heat Stroke Away For The Delivery Man
May 26, 2022

For the food and grocery delivery guy, Do you know what dangers they face?Heat is especially dangerous for delivery riders. As most of the time they work outside,

Keeping cool is not only for comfort –but also for protecting their health and happiness.

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What is Cooling Vest?

Cooling Vest is a unique product designed to stay cool even in otherwise hot conditions,

can protect your body away of heat exhaustion and other negative effects of overheating.

The benefits of a Cooling Vest are?

1-Keep your body away from heat-related illness.

2-Maintain the body temperature comfortably.

3-High visibility reflective strip provides 360°protection

4-Reduce emergency.

How to activate a cooling vest?

(Tik tok video link for reference:


To activate cooling vests, you can wet them with fresh water, wring out the excess water, and put them on.

Simple like this!This is the most basic and economical type of cooling vest you can get.

It keeps the wearer cool with the water evaporating.

Buying a Cooling vest for your delivery guy, keep them safe during the period of delivery even in a hot environment.

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