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Dragon boat festival party in A.C.T.
June 07, 2022
Acoolda is a company with a one-stop service for food delivery systems, so proud to serve food delivery bags, bikes, clothes and thermos for some leading clients in food and grocery takeaway platform.

The Dragon boat festival is coming soon. Dragon boat festival is also known as Duanwu Festival or Tuen Ng is a traditional Chinese festival that falls on the fifth day of the fifth month in the lunar calendar. It is named after the boats that paddlers use to chase down and catch a mythical sea creature.

The festival originated in the third century BC in China, when Qu Yuan, minister of the Chu kingdom and one of the most distinguished poets in Chinese history, drowned himself at the bank of the Miluo River after being blamed for a loss in battle. To honor his memory, local inhabitants raced their boats on rivers to save him from drowning.

We celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival with a company potluck. We have lots of fun and eat delicious food! Taste the Zongji which was made by Ranny's mother, How wonderful!

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