Ten reasons for you to choose our food delivery bag
September 14, 2021
As a factory and product sales company, we are committed to providing customers with more perfect products. If you are a food delivery man or need to purchase food delivery bag, then you must not miss this article!
1. A Essential tools for food deliverymen. Generally, restaurants will not be equipped with professional delivery tools, because they have hundreds or even thousands of orders every day. If the delivery tools are taken into account for every take-out, they will increase a lot of costs.
2. Let customers feel the professionalism of food delivery. When customers see that food is taken out of a professional takeaway bag, they will feel that this restaurant has put a lot of effort into protecting the food, and it is delivered by professional delivery staff, which will greatly improve their praise for the food.
3. The function of heat preservation and heating for food. The food delivery bag is not just a container for food, but more importantly, it has heat preservation and even heating functions, which can ensure that customers can receive hot food in winter.
4. Drinks/food are not spilled. The meal delivery bag has a built-in cup holder tray and a fixed elastic cord. The cup holder is made according to the standard quilt size. Of course, various sizes can be customized. With the cup holder fixed, even if it is shaken vigorously, the drink will not spill out. There's good space between the cups so there's not a lids colliding issue.
5. Suitable for different delivery vehicles. Most of the delivery vehicles are bicycles/scooters/motorcycles, for the deliveryman of bicycles and scooters, their hands must be used for driving, so the backpack delivery bag is very suitable for them. In addition, considering the practicality of the bag, the food delivery bag adds heat insulation and thickened sponge on the back, so they will not feel the phenomenon of hard objects sticking back and heating.
6. Advertising effect. When the food deliveryman walk down the street with their food delivery bags, people will notice the words on them, which is quite similar to a free advertisement, which impresses everyone.
7. Fashion delivery bag. Today in the 21st century, everything is linked to fashion. Of course, the food delivery bag will not lag behind. The design of the food delivery bag is constantly updated, and it has been perfect in terms of color and style.
8. The bag puts the customers and restaurants at ease. There are enough reports of drivers stealing food. When you are using the bag, that is often seen as another form of protection. Yes, it's possible to open the bag, eat the food, close it up again. But the bag just creates a symbol that the food is being protected from the driver.
9. It speeds off the handoff to the customer. customer sees that and right away, oh, that must be my delivery. Sometimes it saves several minutes. It's easier to get the food to the customer door, less fumbling.
10. Update the bag based on customer feedback.We spent a lot of time and energy drawing conclusions from our customer feedback and reviews on major sales websites, and focused on these problems (zippers, color fastness, internal damage, cracked shoulder straps, velcro strips, etc.). In this regard, we have done research on these issues, and make our products do not have this situation.

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