Why do I need a motorcycle helmet?
September 14, 2021
Let's look at the data.

According to the data queried by Google (IIHS), in 2015, about 2% of deaths in motor vehicle accidents worldwide were cyclists. Almost 5,000 riders were killed every year. This may not sound like much, but it is still a terrible Numbers, if people are more aware of the dangers, it is easy to prevent.

The most serious injuries are head injuries, which can be prevented by using a properly designed helmet. In fact, if used properly, the use of the helmet reduces the chance of head injury by 50%, while the chance of face or neck injury is reduced by 33%

In addition to accident protection, the helmet can also protect you when you are riding. The pebbles and stones that come from you, bees, grasshoppers and cicadas rush into your eyes, so please wear your helmet.

My helmet products generally include full helmets, half helmets, and visor helmets. Among them, the best safety is the full helmet, and the best comfort is the half helmet. If I choose (full face helmet> visor face helmet> half face helmet), I will always recommend the full face helmet because it is the safest

Material selection is also important, because not every helmet is made of the same material. The helmet shell can be hard plastic, carbon fiber, carbon Kevlar fiber and other woven fibers with a hard shell. Carbon Fiber = Carbon Kevlar Fiber> Woven Fiber> Hard Plastic

Prices, depending on the material, range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, but they are worth it. Because this is the only thing that can protect your mind when you have a car accident

Determining the size of the helmet is very simple. After getting the tape measure, wrap it around the head just above the eyebrows and ears-this is the size of your head, and finally attach the size chart.
XS: 53-54 cm/20.8-21.2 inches
S: 55-56 cm/21.6-22 inches
M: 57-58 cm/22.4-22.8 inches
Length: 59-60 cm/23.2-23.6 inches
XL: 61-62 cm/24-24.4 inches
XXL: 63-64 cm/24.8-25.2 inches
3XL: 65-66 cm/25.6-26 inches
The above dimensions are suitable for most people, but there may be slight differences between manufacturers, so the existence of errors should be considered accordingly

Your mind is the most important part of your body, please protect it.

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